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Proposed Project

Flow-through System vs. Recirculation System

One major decision made was whether to have a flow-through system or a recirculation system.

A flow-through system (or a single-pass) is fresh, potable water that passes to the storm drain. Flow-through systems use less energy per year and are cheaper for initial install. There is minimal maintenance for this system. It requires to be turned on and off each season and someone to powerwash the pad each morning. Flow-through systems use significantly more water throughout the season and due to the water usage, cost significantly more each season to run.

A recirculation system (or water-quality management system WQMS) captures the water, cleans, disinfects, and then sends that water back to the pad and over and over. The waste water is minimal and cost to run this system each season is significantly less than the flow-through system. Recirc water systems have warmer water than the flow-through system and require a pool technician to monitor chemical levels every day. The initial costs for this system are about 150-250k more than a flow-through system. However, this system is cheaper and uses fewer natural resources (water) to maintain. It costs about half of the flow-through system. 

To Recap: FLOW-THROUGH systems: cheaper to install, costlier to run (water costs). RECIRC systems: more expensive to install, cheaper to run (about half the cost to run per year).

Northfield Splashpad Renders (3).jpg

We believe our city will support and find value in a recirc system. While the initial upfront cost is significantly more, the benefits of this system and the values of our community would support it. We will reduce wasted water, increase and maintain the hours of operation, and have warmer water for everyone to enjoy.

Projected Site Considerations

When choosing a site, there are several important factors to consider.

  • Adequate Space

  • Parking

  • Shade

  • Restroom facilities

  • Drinking fountains

  • Utilities 

Next Steps:

  • Education:

    • We need to meet with YOU! We need to meet with your neighbors, your friends, your partners. We need to educate our community and build support for this project. ​

    • If you want to host an education event, contact us!

  • Fundraising:

    • Watch for a flyer in your mail as a way to give with a QR code 

    • The BOD is actively working on social media campaigns, planning events, presenting the project to local businesses to partner with, and applying for grants.​​

  • Meet with City Council - CHECK! We met with City Council and they are overwhelmingly supportive of this project!

  • ​Once the site is determined and funds are raised, construction can begin! It takes about 8 weeks for SplashPad features to be built and shipped from Canada, then 2 weeks of construction before the pad is functional.

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