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Splashpad Basics

What is a SplashPad?

Splash pads go by many names – spray parks, splash zones, water playgrounds, etc. 

It is fitted with a non-slip surface and various nozzles and features that shower, spray, rain, mist, dump, and shoot streams of water to create an inviting place for recreational water play. Splashpads can be added to an existing playground area or added as an attraction. They can be used solely during daytime hours or lights can be added to be enjoyed in the dark.  

Splashpads are becoming very popular throughout the US. Most metro areas and small towns. New Ulm's splashpad is so popular, they are putting in ANOTHER! 


What makes a splashpad different than a pool?​

Splashpads are an interactive, zero-depth aquatic attraction designed for all ages and abilities. They are designed to be inclusive, intuitive, and accessible to all.  Because there is no standing water, no lifeguards need to be present.


It is a safe space for toddlers through adults to enjoy water in the summer months as water sprays from the ground at varying heights and times. It is a safe space that parents or grandparents can be with their kids and grandkids. It is a safe space for anyone to enjoy water during the hot summer months. 

Why does Northfield need a splashpad?

  • Safety: With no standing water, a splashpad is a safe way to enjoy water during hot summer months. 
  • Accessibility: It allows children and adults of all abilities to enjoy water. It is zero-depth so children and adults in wheelchairs can enjoy water features in a unique way. Our splashpad will be free to the community and therefore accessible for everyone to enjoy!
  • Inclusive: A splashpad is a place in the community where people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic status can come, play, relax, and interact. Building a space that is free, where everyone is welcome, through play people will facilitate a sense of belonging.
  • Community Building: Many families travel to other towns with their kids to enjoy splashpads or pools with zero-depth entrances. A splashpad would keep our families in Northfield and be a space for organic relationships to develop, children to interact and learn from one another, and young families or those new to Northfield can find a sense of community. We believe building a splashpad will strengthen our community.

Northfield Mom

A splash pad is the perfect inclusive summer water fun. It will be accessible to all ages, financial situations (free!) and all abilities. It is also way more manageable for parents to keep track of multiple children. We can't wait and plan to spend a lot of time there!

Northfield Grandparent

It would be a great place to take my grandkids. We go to a splash pad up in St. Cloud. The kids love it!


Northfield Mom

With two small children, it’s sometimes hard to feel safe taking them to the pool on my own, so having a splash pad would mean having another option that feels less daunting on the many hot summer days we endure!


Who is a splash pad for?


This is for anyone and everyone in our community and the surrounding communities. This is for toddlers, teens, and adults, college students, parents and grandparents. 

Northfield's population is just over 20,000 people. Rice county is just shy of 67,000 people. Our splashpad would be the only one in Rice county and will benefit many individuals and families during the summer month.

Where else are Minnesota splashpads?

Here's a quick list:

           Albert Lea, MN                                    Howard Lake, MN

           Aurora, MN                                         Hopkins, MN 

           Austin, MN                                          Jackson, MN 

           Belle Plaine, MN                                   Lake City, MN                 

           Buffalo, MN                                         Litchfield, MN

           Burnsville, MN                                     Minneapolis, MN

           Cannon Falls, MN                                 New Ulm, MN             

           Champlin, MN                                      Otsego, MN 

           Cold Spring, MN                                   Red Wing, MN                   

           Cologne, MN                                        Rosemount, MN     

           Coon Rapids, MN                                  Saint Michael, MN     

           Cottage Grove, MN                               Sartell, MN

           Columbia Heights, MN                           City of West St. Paul 

           Crystal, MN                                          St. Paul, MN St. Paul Midway YMCA

           Deerwood, MN                                     Saint Paul, MN

           Eagan, MN                                           Wabasha, MN   

           Eden Prairie                                         Waite Park, MN                      

           Forest Lake, MN Forest Lake YMCA         Wayzata, MN                        

           Hastings, MN                                        Willmar, MN

           Hermantown, MN                                  Woodbury, MN HealthEast Sports

           Hibbing, MN                                         Worthington, MN


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