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Welcome to the Northfield SplashPad site. We are so grateful you found us and we look forward to connecting with you!

A lot of you may be asking WHY does Northfield need a splash pad? 

It is simple.. Northfield is ranked as one of the best places to retire, but when it comes to amenities for our young families, there are not many options. Families leave the Northfield area regularly to find things for their kids to do. Our summers are hot and we want to create a space that is accessible to everyone to cool off during the summer months. We envision a safe, fun space for the community to gather that is safe and fun around water. We envision a space that is easily accessible for everyone in the community to cool off in the hot summer months. 


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Our Story

The Northfield SplashPad group began in 2018 when a local mom was home alone with her 1-year old for the weekend. It was hot and he was busy! She wanted to do something with her son and didn't know where to go. She had never been to a splash pad before but found the nearest one.. Rosemount. They went and it was amazing! As a one-year old, her son was independent and she felt free! She watched him enjoy the water without worry.  He played with kids he had never met and she got to talk to other moms. She felt connected. The whole afternoon was relaxing and refreshing knowing her son was having a blast in water and drowning wasn't a concern. He was able to run and get energy out, learn, play, and explore.


She wondered WHY Northfield didn't have this... and began connecting with other parents around this topic.

Adam Olson soon after took his kids to the Rosemount SplashPad and he and the local mom (Andrea Berube) determined to start the efforts to build as splash pad here in Northfield. They started meeting, working together to establish partnerships, and raise awareness for this desired feature in our community.  A facebook group was created and currently has over 450 members! Every summer the town Facebook page (Northfield Happenings) this topic comes up and it's clear; young families, kids, and grandparents want a splash pad in Northfield.

In 2019, the group met with the Rosemount Parks & Rec director to research the process, reached out to local groups to act as fiscal sponsors, and presented at multiple Northfield Parks & Rec advisory meetings. Through all this, a connection was made to Jeff Corniea from CRS (Commercial Recreation Specialists) to design and eventually build a turnkey Vortex splash pad in Northfield. At the end of 2019, the group obtained approval to move forward raising funds from the Northfield Parks & Rec Advisory Board.

Shortly thereafter, a partnership with Propel Nonprofits was established to act as the fiscal sponsor and allow tax-deductible donations. This partnership also allows the group to apply for grants!

In February 2020, the group attended their first Propel meeting and were ready to start fundraising… then COVID hit... and everything came to standstill.


Jeff Corniea (Left), Adam Olson (center), Andrea Berube (right) presenting at the Parks & Rec Advisory Board in 2019

After a year of not working on the project, the group picked it back up again in summer 2021. A board of directors was established and the group started their efforts again. They attended city council and heard back that with private funds, the city would back private efforts to build this. The Northfield SplashPad Board of Directors is currently in the fundraising process. With a goal of $550,000 by spring of 2022!!


Historically, it takes an average of 3-4 years for a community to fundraise for a splash pad. Summer 2021 in Minnesota was terribly hot! Lets hope we can bring this vision to life and have a splash pad for us to enjoy!

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